Your Point of
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How has Point of Rental made an impact in your business or your life? Are you enjoying the International Conference? Maybe you just remember a time a Pointer made your day and you want to recognize them. We want to hear your stories!

And since you’re being so nice by sharing with us, we want to reciprocate. When you tell your Point of Rental story in the following ways, you’ll earn entries into our drawings for some pretty awesome things to take home with you, like a YETI backpack or a Microsoft Surface Pro. Even if you don’t win the big prizes, good things just seem to happen for kind people around here, if you catch our drift.

If you’ve got something nice to say, now’s the best time to say it!

5 Entries

Video testimonial (sign up for an appointment at

The sooner you participate, the more chances you have to win! We’ll have drawings and prizes will be awarded at each day’s closing session. Everyone’s eligible for every prize, but you have to be present to win!

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Social Shoutouts! Let the world know what you’re up to by posting using the #PORIC18 hashtag. Don’t forget to tag Point of Rental!

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Written testimonial (use the card in your conference backpack and turn it in to the “Tell Your Story” )

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