November 10 - 13, 2019
The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel

Join us for three-plus days of software knowledge, shape the future of our software, and get acquainted with rental experts from around the world at Point of Rental’s International Conference,  in Fort Worth, TX.


We’ve worked in the rental industry – we get it. There’s always work to be done and it can be tough to get away from the office for several days. That’s why we do our best to make the trip worth your while, with insightful classes, one-on-one access to software trainers, networking opportunities, great speakers, fun evening events, great food, and plenty of information to take back to work to make your business more efficient.


“You walk into these classes – you’re going to find things that you can bring back and implement into your business that are going to help you save money, make sales faster, and help you run a more successful business.” – Brandon Ahlgren, Elite Events & Rentals

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I’d like to attend Point of Rental’s International Conference this November, where I can join other Point of Rental users from throughout the world to gain more software and industry knowledge. I’ll get hands-on training, learn from the experts, and take a deep dive into the tools that help our business. I’ll be coming back a more valuable employee as I: Learn about Point of Rental’s new features for 2019 (and more about longtime features I need to know about). I’ll know all the new tips and tricks so I can bring those back to the office. Build a network, connecting with other rental experts from around the world that use Point of Rental. I’ll learn what they’re doing with the system and gain some new best practices.Get in-person answers for the software questions we have at the one-on-one “Genius Bar” training sessions. I’ll be working directly with a Point of Rental trainer who will show me how to achieve what we want to, all within the software. Point of Rental’s International Conference takes place November 10-13 in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration is regularly $475, but if I’m signed up before May 17, we’ll save $150. The fee also includes all meals and evening event activities. I’m asking for your approval for registration fees and travel expenditures.  If you’d like to know more about it, check out the International Conference website (, and I’ll happily answer any questions you might have. Thanks for your consideration! Heck,  maybe you can even make the trip with me. Regards, 

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